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CEO of RetroLock, Tania Tomyn, Continues Supporting US Virgin Islands

Despite major setbacks in development plans, Tania Tomyn finds new ways to support the people of St. Croix.

Tania Tomyn, CEO of RetroLock Corporation, recently traveled to the US Virgin Islands. She fell in love with the Caribbean as a young girl when her parents had a second home on St. Croix, which has become their full-time residence for the past decade. Her passion for the community and the people of St. Croix has remained, not only in her heart, but in outreach and business as well.

St. Croix and the US Virgin Islands have had an ongoing power crisis for decades, with prices soaring and fluctuating over .50 KWh, which is about four times the national average Kilowatt hour rate Paying outrageous prices for things that are a necessity can change the social economic climate on the islands. Despite working as a partner and investor in The Renewable Energy Project for more than four years, Tania Tomyn was not able to change the dire situation in the community on her own.

“Residents have to make choices that you would not normally have to make just to pay the power bills,” said Tania Tomyn.

The Renewable Energy Project Tania had developed meant a great deal to local farmers in the community who were involved in the project since energy crops are a feedstock in the Anerobic Digestion process, known as (AD), one of the most common sources of baseload power in Europe, the Caribbean, and the United States. Tania Tomyn’s company was awarded a Power Purchase Agreement with Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority (WAPA) for $450 Million in 2013. It was approved by the Public Service Commission and fully entitled with EPA, Local DNR, Department of Interior, and FAA. In addition, the US Department of Agriculture was providing a debt financing program for rural communities.

When Puerto Rico’s credit rating fell in 2014, the US Virgin Islands credit rating followed suit. Investors fell back despite the project being fully developed, and the US government (USDA Rural Utilities) debt providers withdrew their participation. Ultimately, the development team was left with no choice but to abandon the project in 2015. The Renewable Energy Project would have produced 9MW of baseload power for the Island of St. Croix, approximately 20% of the current total grid. It would have also had the lowest carbon footprint compared to any other power used in the USVI, including over solar, natural gas, or hydro.

As an entrepreneur, Tania Tomyn understands that even the best projects can be severely affected by the financial stability of a region. Her passion for the US Virgin Islands and the people of St. Croix continues through outreach in different ways, such as by supporting victims of abuse at the St. Croix Women’s Coalition (WCSC). They provide counseling, jobs, skill training, run a donation center, and provide transitional housing.

“This organization is incredible,” said Tania Tomyn. “It positively affects so many people’s lives.”

Not only does it help women, men and children that are victims of abuse, it also helps communities during crisis. After Hurricane Irma, WCSC delivered supplies to the elderly and the Boys and Girls Club, as well as provided temporary housing to those in need at the shelter. Tania Tomyn served on the board of the St. Croix Women’s Coalition in the past. Tania’s husband Aaron Smith of Orange County California is also a supporter of WCSC and participated in some of their events like their annual run which is an amazing community event providing donations and awareness. During her recent trip, Tania Tomyn met with Clema Lewis, Executive Director of WCSC, to make a donation and talk about how RetroLock is bringing awareness to their cause. Clema Lewis is an extraordinary person and great leader that has devoted her life to this organization and cause. www.wcstx.org

Tania Tomyn is the CEO of an Interior Finish business operating in Orange, California. RetroLock Corporation specializes in interior finish solutions such as doors, frames, hardware, millwork, specialty metals, and finish carpentry and installation. Tania Tomyn’s team is fully aware of the issues in St. Croix and supports WCSC in reaching their goals. For more information, please visit: www.retrolock.com

RetroLock Corporation Led By Tania Tomyn at Top of Construction Industry

A woman’s touch makes all the difference when it comes to operating an interior finish company.

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Tania Tomyn

A Californian company that specializes in Interior Finish Solutions has made a name for itself thanks to CEO Tania Tomyn. Even in today’s modern society, it’s rare to see women lead large companies, especially in the construction industry. Tania Tomyn has been CEO and owned other companies but knew she had to set her interior finish subcontracting company apart from all the others in order to stand out and be successful. Not only is RetroLock corporation thriving, but it has also successfully taken on massive high-profile projects that put it at the very top of interior finish companies in the California area.

RetroLock Corporation provides its clients with products like doors, frames, hardware, finish carpentry, millwork, and others. Tania Tomyn offers more than just products, however. Her company works with clients from the creation of the vision all the way down to installation. This ensures a high-quality end result that is executed with extreme attention to detail.

As CEO, Tania Tomyn cares about her clients and strives to provide the type of experience she would personally like to have on the other end. Her passion for customer service has brought the most value possible to clients by bringing a wide variety of services and options to one place all under one roof, saving clients time and money in the long run.

Tania Tomyn really set RetroLock Corporation apart from the rest when she decided the company would also work with clients on design. After consulting with the client to fully understand their vision, RetroLock works with Architects to create the perfect product while staying within specified budgets. Small details make the biggest impact on projects and tie an entire concept together. Tania Tomyn has an eye for design and beauty and wants to share that with others.

Clients can expect to be guided through the entire process and work behind the scenes with pre-construction teams. Tania Tomyn values sticking to her word, meaning RetroLock Corporation always strives to deliver installation according to schedule. Her company is setting a new standard in the industry for interior finish solutions, and the market reflects just that. More is being demanded from subcontractors, and RetroLock works diligently to assist developers and general contractors with hitting their goals.

Based in Orange, Ca., and Concord, Ca., RetroLock Corporation continues to see quick and substantial growth with a new location now operating in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Montana. Tania Tomyn leads her team in a positive direction with a focus on investing in clients specific needs. For more information visit: www.retrolock.com

RetroLock Corporation, Led by Tania Tomyn, Offers Broad Scope of Services Available in the Interior Finish Industry

Tania Tomyn’s company is changing industry standards by giving clients a one-stop shop.

The construction industry tends to be a male dominant field, but Tania Tomyn, CEO of RetroLock Corporation, is changing the standard and making a big impression throughout CA., based in Orange County California. Her company specializes in interior door, hardware, millwork, and low voltage/access control all with installation. The construction industry in California has continued to grow over the last decade, and so has the need for high-quality interior finishes companies.

When developers are working on large-scale, luxury projects, staying within budget can be extremely challenging with rising construction costs. RetroLock Corporation specializes in helping clients stay within their budgets while achieving their design intent and vision. Tania Tomyn is proud to own a company that provides a wide scope of options for each client.

In the past, general contractors have found great inconvenience in buying from many different companies to piece together interior finish projects. RetroLock Corporation is changing the standard by making the process smoother than ever before. Doors, hardware, millwork, frames, and low voltage/access control and installation all face their own unique challenges, but each trade comes in close proximity on a project and there are many overlapping components.

Tania Tomyn values excellent customer service and designed RetroLock Corporation to offer a wide scope of interior finish solutions all under one roof. With in-house DBIA (Design Build Institute of America) and an AHC spec writing team, and 3D modeling. RetroLock Corporation can effectively take on high-profile clients that are building hotels, multi-housing, entertainment venues, and stadiums. Tania Tomyn understands ever changing client needs and stays current with technology and design trends.

RetroLock Corporation is actively working towards an expanded turn-key model of business in the future. Typically, in this industry, clients would need to find a door sub-contractor and electrician, however, since this scope of access control has many overlapping components, it only makes sense for RetroLock Corporation to offer these services to clients which is has done for almost 3 years with its low voltage division. Tania Tomyn’s company has already designed the opening, procuring, and installing of doors that will have electronic and security hardware on them.

It can be challenging to find qualified staff in so many different areas of expertise, however, Tania Tomyn attracts top talent due to the excellent benefits offered at RetroLock Corporation. Team members thrive in a positive, fast paced working environment and always deliver the highest standards in the market. Tania Tomyn’s company is headquartered in Los Angeles area and offices in San Francisco area.

Tania Tomyn - Supports Victims of Abuse in St. Croix

Tania Tomyn, CEO of RetroLock Corporation, Supports Victims of Abuse in St. Croix

Tania Tomyn

Clients of RetroLock are not the only ones to experience Tania Tomyn’s passion of helping others.

RetroLock Corporation, which is headquartered in Orange, California, is a woman owned and operated company that specializes in design build interior finish packages including superior doors, frames, hardware, finish carpentry, millwork, and more! Tania Tomyn, CEO of RetroLock, is extremely passionate about her business and its clients, providing exceptional customer service and a wide range of products to meet their needs. Her passion to make a difference doesn’t end there, however. Tania Tomyn is also an advocate for victims of abuse, and takes a stand for the rights of men, women, and children.

Growing up, Tania Tomyn spent a great deal of time at her parents second home in St. Croix, which is located in the US Virgin Islands. Her childhood memories of the beautiful islands and its inhabitants made a lasting impression, and she now actively gives back to those in need. Tania Tomyn previously held positions as a board member and funding chair for the St. Croix Women’s Coalition (WCSC). Ms. Tomyn is also an active member of NAWIC Women in Business. Bringing attention and funding to WCSC is significant to Tania Tomyn, RetroLock Corporation, and those on the island of St. Croix.

Survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault count on WCSC, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides help for the unique hurtles these victims have faced. This crisis intervention program offers safe, emergency housing to protect victims 24/7. All services are free and confidential to all people in any stage of life. Their mission is to support and empower people impacted by violence. The WCSC crisis hotline continues to support victims in their time of need, offering advice and oftentimes lifesaving information.

About RetroLock Corporation:

Tania Tomyn 1
Tania Tomyn 1

RetroLock Corporation has locations in Orange, Ca. and Concord, Ca. This company is set apart from the rest due to its focus on design build at the beginning of large-scale interior projects. Tania Tomyn truly cares about bringing the most value possible to her clients by working with architects and developers to create the perfect product while saving the clients’ money and staying within project budgets. RetroLock guides clients from start to finish on every project, making the process as simple and efficient as possible.

The RetroLock team has secured high profile projects including the new NFL stadium being built for the Los Angeles Charges and the Los Angeles Rams. This company currently focuses on the high rise multifamily housing projects, sports & entertainment venues, higher education, behavioral facilities, hospitals, and high-end hospitality.



Quality craftsmanship and outstanding customer service lead business to secure large scale projects.
Tania Tomyn 4
Tania Tomyn 4

A new, woman owned and operated company is making waves in California. RetroLock Corporation provides interior finish solutions including doors, frames, hardware, finish carpentry, millwork, and more!

Tania Tomyn, CEO of RetroLock Corporation, also makes sure the company provides these services with installation to ensure a high-quality end result that will stand out to everyone who experiences it. As the company grew, so did the amount of products and services offered to ensure demands are being met.

Based in Orange, Ca., RetroLock Corporation under the leadership of Tania Tomyn and her team of experienced industry executives has seen quick and substantial growth with an additional location now operating in Concord, CA. Tania Tomyn truly cares about bringing the most value possible to her clients. This company is set apart from the rest due to its focus on design build at the beginning of large-scale projects. With a vision and end result in mind, RetroLock works with Architects and Developers to create just the right product while saving clients’ money and staying within budgets.

Tania Tomyn and her team have secured high profile projects including the new NFL stadium being built for the Los Angeles Chargers and Los Angeles Rams. RetroLock has also worked on projects for multi-family high rise housing, such as Mission Bay Block One, now owned by CIM and Strada in San Francisco, California. This company also took on the San Jose Towers, the largest multi-housing project in San Jose, California, and the Expo in Los Angeles for Carmel Partners. Other customers include Build Group, Lendlease, Turner Aecom, Suffolk Construction, Pankow, JH Snyder, Shawmut, Webcor, Signature Healthcare, Greenland Construction, and many, many more. RetroLock’s current market also includes higher education, behavioral facilities, hospitals, and high-end hospitality.

The future looks bright for this unique company, which guides its clients from start to finish on every project. Customers can expect RetroLock to work behind the scenes with pre-construction teams and deliver installation according to schedule. Tania Tomyn values customer service, and this turnkey company reflects that.

As the market demands more from subcontractors, RetroLock will continue to work diligently to help developers and general contractors hit specific budget and design goals. As this company expands and takes on more projects, Tania Tomyn will lead their team in a positive direction with a focus on investing heavily into each client’s specific needs. RetroLock always listens to client feedback and provides a wide array of products and services to meet the requests of clients. For more information: www.retrolock.com